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Vent Vacuum vs Cleaning Machine?

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  • Vent Vacuum vs Cleaning Machine?

    What is the difference between a vent vacuum and a cleaning machine? Is one better than the other? I see the vacuum ones look like small shop-vacs and the others looks like wands with boxes attached.

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    i prefer vent vaccum than other cleaning machines.
    vent vacuum works well than others.

    vent vacuum is liitle costly but it pays more than cleaning machines in return.


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      Vent Vacuuming is great process if done every weekend or year, but most homes never been cleaned for 30 odd years. This Air Wave duct cleaning uses air pressure, is able to go all the way inside your ducts to break up any caked debris. Vacuuming is part of the process too with teh air wave only for collecting, the main effectiveness is the high pressure with the attachment of an air compressor machine.