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  • Mold smells

    So I noticed some mold in our basement last week and while we have gotten rid of it, we still smell it. Is it something that can linger for days after or does it mean it is not all dead and gone? Is there a natural based cleaner I can use to spray the area? It was in the one corner only but you can smell it with in 10 feet of the area quite strongly still. It was on the cement floor and brick wall.

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    If its a fabric, for example carpets then we have several options using chemicals ie: OSR. Usually you need to replace the wood strip in the corner and the pad, the easiest solution, is to spray the wood strip with WD-40 in the corner where you smell the odor. The wood strip is the wood with nails that secure the carpet to the floor. Then clean the pad or replace it, pad very cheap to replace