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What cleaning solutions CAN'T be used on wood floors?

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  • What cleaning solutions CAN'T be used on wood floors?

    My sister in law just got a new house and we were talking about her wood floors. They are beautiful but getting dirty and she is not sure what to use to clean them because she had experiences in her apartment with cleaner that ruined her wood table and wood floor. She had to pay $500 before she moved out! So what should never be used on wood floors?

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    wood floors should be cleaned with the correct chemical, in the link is a diy video for cleaning wood floors and maintenance properly by professionals
    wood heavy duty cleaners sold in 4 gallons for professionals call kleenpro 1800-510-2436


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      The post above is the correct chemical without damaging your floors


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        watch the video about cleaning wood floors


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          Originally posted by Ray View Post
          watch the video about cleaning wood floors
          A great effort you make to teach how to clean wooden floors.

          i simply mob the floors with vinegar and vegetable oil. it looks shiny but vinegar made some dark spots on my wooden floor.

          now i will try your method to clean floor.
          thanks for great share
          please keep sharing


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            Thanks for all this information. I will pass it along. I had no idea that certain chemicals can actually eat away at the wood. The video was very helpful as well, thank you


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              cleaning hard wood floors is not difficult easy money $$$