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    Magic glides are very easy to use and install. The installation is very straight forward on most wands. Some you have to be a little creative. They are made of teflon when heated or any friction starts to form a mold on the lip of your wand. After installation, its recommended to start using the wand and eventually they will stay on permanently. Some wands may require a little assistance, for example, apply some sealant or any bathtub sealant which can be purchased at the hardware store, buy the clear sealant. Also, some Prochem wands only one glide will fit with very little effort and stays on. Works great with one glide instead of 2. A

    Any other wands that didn't fit let me know. You can buy the direct at MAGIC GLIDES

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    have you ever used Greenglides, they are popular, but seems i lose suction, they only last about 15 months and are very expensive, how long does the magic glides last


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      Yes used them and sold them for over 10 years, i liked selling them because customers liked them, I felt was dishonest to sell such inferior product to my customers so we no longer sell them, i quite selling them over 3 years ago. I only sell the magic glides, hydro-glides for the prochem wands and my favorite is the mach teflon lips, Mach teflon lips only fit the Mach 12 and Mach 15 carpet cleaning wands. These wands are made by PMF in the USA of very high quality and rated better than the prochem wands. The lips are design only for the Mach 12/15 wands and they don't restrict air flow. As you find out with the greengldies restriction of air is a major flaw with greenglides. Magic glides are much better than greenglides. here is the link.
      Call Kleenpro Supply 800-510-2436 for all your PMF TIle, Grout & Carpet cleaning wands tools